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Q:  How do I schedule an estimate?

A:  Call us at 724-941-6776 or click here to submit a request online.

Q:  How much does an estimate cost?

A:  We offer Free Estimates with the exception of comparable bids for budget vales.

Q:  How long will my estimate take?

A:  Depending on the size of your project, the estimator will spend 15 minutes to 1 hour at your property.  They will then write up an estimate, which you will receive typically in 1 to 2 business days.

Q:  Are you hiring?

A:  Check the Employment section for any current openings. 

Q:  What maintenance is required on concrete?

A:  Periodically, everything needs maintenance, especially items exposed to our climate.  We recommend that you reseal your concrete every 2 years.  Just give us a call and we will wash and seal it for you at a minimal cost.

Q:  What about applying salt?

A:  We strongly discourage the use of salt as an ice melter on any concrete surface.   However, there are various calcium-based de-icers readily available at hardware and grocery stores that are somewhat safer to use.  The best product you could use to reduce the slipperiness of ice is sand. 

Q:  Will my concrete crack?

A:  Any concrete has the potential to crack.  G. Pasquale and Sons Construction Company incorporates and often goes above and beyond accepted industry standards, which dictate methods and guidelines to greatly minimize or control cracking.

Q:  Do you get the permits if required?

A:  Yes, we can assist you in the aid of securing the required permits.